Halloween Tentacle Tease by Violet Doll

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Halloween Tentacle Tease by Violet Doll

Halloween is coming up and the more creative our dommes get with their clips the more we love them.

Violet Doll, for example, does not needs a boyfriend! She’s got a couple of big strong wet tentacles to satisfy her?

You are only here to watch and send her your hard earned money to thank her for creating such a masterpiece.

Want to watch an erotic tease like nothing you’ve ever experienced before?

Go buy this clip at:


Financial Ruin by 3 Goddesses

Financial Ruin by 3 Goddesses


You’re totally devoted to her and would do anything for her. At this point you will buy any clip at any price because you love to adore her.  your priority to make Amanda happy and a buying a four digit clip is the closest thing you can get to making me cum. The bigger the tributes, the bigger the clip orders the hotter it is. A woman like me would never normally give you the time of day but you have my full attention now

You are a total weak loser around me. You cant control your horny excitement and you cannot resist my hot body. Taking your ca$h is effortless, one look at my juicy ass and you are spewing ca$h my way. You’re easy, so easy to have wrapped round my finger and dishing out cash a lot. You know in order to worship me, you must pay. Handing over your ca$h in the hope for any kind of humiliating attention makes your dick throb in anticipation but tributes just isn’t enough. I want to see your financial decline. I want to see you financial suffer through your aching desire for me. I’m going to tease you into complete financial turmoil. I want it all and more, I want you to into debt and to completely bankrupt yourself for ME. You hate yourself each time you pay. You hate to pay me but you can’t help it, it’s embedded deep into your head that your ca$h is mine. Can you resist paying me today? Probably not. Will you end up completely broke?YES!

The Black Widow


WOW what is this? Im not sure that this Womans content is Femdom however its extremely HOT!

Her husband just croaked and shes not wasting time being sad she has her eyes set on something new already – could it be you? Buy her pics and get custom photos or something like that from her.Its certainly unique and I think its worth a look.


Halloween Drain Game by Violet Doll

Halloween Drain Game by Violet Doll

It’s that time of year to stock up on all your Halloween video content male slaves. And it’s Violet Doll’s favorite time of year. In celebration she is going to play a game with your pathetic male brain but don’t worry, it’ll only be a little scary. . .  A little scary, a little invasive, a little expensive, and hopefully extremely humiliating!

So what are you waiting for? Go get it now at:


Efficient Uses Of Slaves clip by Mean Girls

Efficient Uses Of Slaves clip by Mean Girls

Princess Carmela and Princess Bella thinks it’s about time for a cigarette break. The Mean Bitches have their outdoor furniture away for the season, so they have no table or ashtrays available outside. But with man slaves around its no big deal. They make their slaves kneel before them so they can use them as their human ashtrays.

slaves are commanded to open their mouths and both Princesses ash onto their slave’s tongues as they make fun of them and belittle them for being such losers that they are literally used as other peoples’ ashtrays! Princess Bella slaps her slave in the face repeatedly- just because she can. Princess Carmela flicks her ashes right onto the top of her old slave’s head- right onto his bald spot and spits directly into his mouth.



Wow I love this outdoor clip… if you like humiliation and smoking Dommes, this is a must!


Rihanna steps out in “Dominatrix clothing!”

Rihanna steps out in “Dominatrix clothing!”

I keep reading articles about this beautiful and talented Woman, Rihanna and how shes been in Dominatrix clothing. I wonder if these boots or even fishnets counts as Dominatrix gear anymore? I am pretty sure I have seen quite “normal” looking people in some fairly fetishy attire.

Would you consider this or any of Rihannas outfits which have been dubbed “Dominatrix clothing” to be so? Wow Women make boots look so amazing. Beautiful boots and clothes!

Rihanna+Concertfetish rihanna-amsterdam

Mean Girl Mind Fuck by Goddess Ashton


We all now how much pathetic male slaves love being verbally abused. Especially, when they are abused by a gorgeous bratty Goddess Ashton!

But, is it really abuse if Goddess Ashton is simply telling you the truth? You’re disgusting, stupid, and oh so pathetic. But you already know that, don’t you? In fact, you even like hearing it! Well here’s an ear full for you! You’re going to watch this video over and over until it really sinks in. You can jerk off too because you’re probably dying to touch your pitiful little dick whenever you hear these cruel words from Goddess Ashton. Just make sure you’re up for the challenge at the end. The choice is all yours. Or is it?

Buy this clip now and accept your inferiority at:


3 Wishes by Humiliation Princess Rene

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3 Wishes by Humiliation Princess Rene

Oh you want her to grant YOU wishes hahaha that is not how this works in this clip. Princess Rene is going to make you grant HER 3 wishes


Heres what her clip description says:

“Oh…hello. What do you want? Yeah, I’m a genie. Don’t tell me, you want three wishes right? Well, you know what? I’m getting rather sick and tired of granting wishes to you men. So stupid, you want the same old things, money, a harem of women, a sports car… blah blah blah. I’m so over it. I no longer want to grant wishes to pathetic males like you! Instead, I’m going to get three wishes and you will grant them to me. Got it? Good.”

I love the themed style clip with the costume. Classy, sexy and fun.

Buy it from her clip store today!!

Tribute til’ you’re bankrupt

Tribute til’ you’re bankrupt

Bratty Princess Lisa looks amazing in these white booties and classy tight dress. She wants you to spend t all and even wants you to go BANKRUPT!


Here’s what she has to say on this stunning clip:

“Here piggy, piggy….are you ready to experience what it is like to spend your hard earned money like never before?!? Good. Because you are going to dig deep into those pockets and spend it all! Have my tribute page open and be ready to show me how much you love spending and clicking away for my perfection. It’s going to be so sexy!”

My thoughts are not only is she a beautiful looking Princess but I love the quality of her background and film equipment. Bonus points for the high value work!


Gossip & news in the Femdom world!

Gossip & news in the Femdom world!

we are not trying to promote gossip in the negative sense but we do love our online personalities and follow them as much as we can. This is why we want to bring “gossip” and news to the site… to make it more fun and exciting and you get to stay up to date all in one spot!