3 Wishes by Humiliation Princess Rene

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3 Wishes by Humiliation Princess Rene

Oh you want her to grant YOU wishes hahaha that is not how this works in this clip. Princess Rene is going to make you grant HER 3 wishes


Heres what her clip description says:

“Oh…hello. What do you want? Yeah, I’m a genie. Don’t tell me, you want three wishes right? Well, you know what? I’m getting rather sick and tired of granting wishes to you men. So stupid, you want the same old things, money, a harem of women, a sports car… blah blah blah. I’m so over it. I no longer want to grant wishes to pathetic males like you! Instead, I’m going to get three wishes and you will grant them to me. Got it? Good.”

I love the themed style clip with the costume. Classy, sexy and fun.

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