Halloween Tentacle Tease by Violet Doll

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Halloween Tentacle Tease by Violet Doll

Halloween is coming up and the more creative our dommes get with their clips the more we love them.

Violet Doll, for example, does not needs a boyfriend! She’s got a couple of big strong wet tentacles to satisfy her?

You are only here to watch and send her your hard earned money to thank her for creating such a masterpiece.

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Halloween Drain Game by Violet Doll

Halloween Drain Game by Violet Doll

It’s that time of year to stock up on all your Halloween video content male slaves. And it’s Violet Doll’s favorite time of year. In celebration she is going to play a game with your pathetic male brain but don’t worry, it’ll only be a little scary. . .  A little scary, a little invasive, a little expensive, and hopefully extremely humiliating!

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Mean Girl Mind Fuck by Goddess Ashton


We all now how much pathetic male slaves love being verbally abused. Especially, when they are abused by a gorgeous bratty Goddess Ashton!

But, is it really abuse if Goddess Ashton is simply telling you the truth? You’re disgusting, stupid, and oh so pathetic. But you already know that, don’t you? In fact, you even like hearing it! Well here’s an ear full for you! You’re going to watch this video over and over until it really sinks in. You can jerk off too because you’re probably dying to touch your pitiful little dick whenever you hear these cruel words from Goddess Ashton. Just make sure you’re up for the challenge at the end. The choice is all yours. Or is it?

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