I get asked often by slaves old and new what femdom means to a Goddess. I always tell them it’s the natural transfer of power. Femdom is about giving up control. Giving in to the pleasure of submission and finding fulfillment in your life through serving a superior being. Femdom is focus to a cluttered life. There will be pain. There will be pleasure. There will be costs. There will be rewards. For those of you serious about learning, there is an entire world of submission that can open doors into the mind you never dreamt possible. From worshipping every inch of my Goddess body – to sacrificing every dollar you make to My cause instead of yours. Your life will become what you always wanted it to be – Mine. It will serve whatever purpose I chose it to.

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Femdom is the future. It’s the way forward. It’s understanding your place on the social ladder as a beta male. A slave to be used and degraded and humiliated by hot brats like Me. I’m sure most of you experience femdom in your normal lives every day – from bossy wives and girlfriends to mothers and sisters. I’m sure you losers are beat down by women everywhere you go… And that’s because you deserve it. I want you to know, from the bottom of my ice-cold heart, that you are nothing and will never amount to anything of use outside of serving Goddess Mindy. So know that femdom is not something you chose or run away from. It isn’t going anywhere and it can’t be ignored. It’s coming for you. Goddess Mindy is coming for you. And let me be the first to tell you now, loser – there isn’t a thing you can do to stop it. Your money. Your freedom.


Your willpower. All mine now. So say goodbye to your old life… And hello to your destiny with Mindy.

Princess Mindy’s Slave Assignments http://www.mistressmindy.net/category/slave-assignments

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