Efficient Uses Of Slaves clip by Mean Girls

Efficient Uses Of Slaves clip by Mean Girls

Princess Carmela and Princess Bella thinks it’s about time for a cigarette break. The Mean Bitches have their outdoor furniture away for the season, so they have no table or ashtrays available outside. But with man slaves around its no big deal. They make their slaves kneel before them so they can use them as their human ashtrays.

slaves are commanded to open their mouths and both Princesses ash onto their slave’s tongues as they make fun of them and belittle them for being such losers that they are literally used as other peoples’ ashtrays! Princess Bella slaps her slave in the face repeatedly- just because she can. Princess Carmela flicks her ashes right onto the top of her old slave’s head- right onto his bald spot and spits directly into his mouth.



Wow I love this outdoor clip… if you like humiliation and smoking Dommes, this is a must!


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