Ever dreamt of sucking on a
before? Of course you have,
cock sucker. So take the plunge and learn how to pleasure your betters from a
certified BBC Goddess today!
Every beta-boi knows the feeling of jerking off to a big and juicy cock. The
amazement you all feels as your eyes glaze over and that cock lust starts to
take hold. Don’t even get me started on what happens when that big juicy
cocky just happens to be black… because then there’s no turning back.
Jerk Off Instructions:
There is only one requirement for this tease, boys – and you know exactly what
that is. You’ll need to find a
for this one. I’m talking
something meaty. Something that’s going to bruise your throat when we really
get into things. But let’s start slow. After all – a sissy like you needs time to
warm up, right?
worship high bbc big black cock
So kiss the head. Gently at first. Then harder. Let your boy drool slobber over
everything you see before you. Let that black cock become your entire world.
See nothing but the head. Taste nothing but the veins. Worship nothing but the
balls. Let your emotions take over as you start to take it deeper. Deeper.
You won’t notice it at first – just how deep that alpha cock is sliding into the
back of your little throat. It won’t be until that black dick is tickling your tonsils
that you’ll finally come to the blissful realization that you were
made for this.
Finally, always remember, there is nowhere else on Earth you could ever find
as much happiness as right here on the end of a black God’s penis.
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