Strap on pov tasks and training for submissive slave males who like dick in the ass, this fun task is for YOU!

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Have you ever wanted to be the ass fucked slave for a Femdom Mistress who has a powerful strap-on… This is because your inner you knows it needs to be anal trained.

Jerk Off Instructions:

Its best to read the rest of this page with something in your ass…lets start with something small, like a pen. Great, did you notice how easily it went in and how oddly good it felt to have something stuck up your ass for Me?! That’s because you like things up for fetish submissive ass.

Now be a good fetishist, ass whipped dildo in the ass boy and find something bigger for your ass… like the handle of a broom stick. Stick that way in your sissy pussy and start to rub your feminized clit. You’re doing really well.

Once your clit is really swollen and your cock holder is ready for something bigger, pull it out and put in something like a dildo, butt plug, etc… even a carrot if needed.

Now that you are already to be fucked in your ass with My dominant strap-on, consider making this interactive or kicking it up a notch. below are a few ways you can have more strap on fun as an ass slut slave. You can find Me at my chat link, but Ill also leave some links to My Domme Girlfriends similar content. Enjoy gay slave / ass slut subbie!

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Rihanna in Dominatrix clothing, wow what a hot Femdom Woman for submissive beta men who like powerful females to adore.. I wonder if these boots or even fishnets counts as Dominatrix gear anymore? I am pretty sure I have seen quite “normal” looking people in some fairly fetish clothes.

Would you consider this or any of Rihannas outfits which have been dubbed “Dominatrix clothing” to be so? Wow Women make boots look so amazing. Beautiful boots and clothes! FREE LIVE DOMME WEBCAM CHAT


Black shiny patent leather boots, a black leather bra, a shiny PVC corset, nylons, black over the knee leather boots and more… Yep it looks like the Mistress/femdom/Domme vibe is alive with her.


I bet you’re feeling very submissive right now after her beautiful Femdom photos… check out a Mistress on cam!

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