Today’s assignment is all about pushing you little hand-humpers past your limits and into the beta-zone by humming not once… not twice… but three times in rapid succession for Goddess. This is the ultimate loser test. A devotional sacrifice of loser gunk to deplete your spirits and leave you as puddy in my perfectly manicured hands!

Be warned that this assignment is not for the faint-of-heart jerkers. It should only be attempted by the most perverted and dedicated hand-jumpers in Goddess’ army of losers. If you’re still reading this by now – it’s safe to say this probably includes you too!

Jerk Off Instructions: This assignment will require you to find THREE PICTURES of Goddess that you find truly remarkable. Make sure each emphasizes a different part of my perfect body and holy being. Once you have all three selected, you will need to set a timer to 3 MINUTES and prepare to get started. No lotion or lube for losers either! Just raw-dogging it all night every night for hand-humpers. Start the time.

You now have three minutes to jerk your little shrimp stick however pleases you the most. Show Goddess just how good a little dork you can be while you grunt and moan and jerk. You better spurt that beta load before the time goes too – or you owe me a penalty tax! Once you’ve finally managed to make a mess all over yourself – do not stop to relax and contemplate on your looserness like you normally do. Instead reset the time to 2 MINUTES this time – and start jerking your pencil dick to that second image of my perfect self.

ass smelling clips

I know it hurts, loser. But that’s the point! You probably get the drill by now. Pump yourself silly and raw until you cum again. Remember that if you don’t beat the time you owe me a cum tax – and I expect it paid before the game continues. Once ready – resume below. The final stage of this assignment is your third and last cum. For this round – set the timer to 1 MINUTE and use the third picture of Goddess that you saved. You will now have sixty seconds to provide me with a third and final tribute load from your beta balls.

This round of play goes indefinitely if you can’t manage to pull it off. Over and over and over with your cum tax until you mange to beat sixty seconds. Enjoy!

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