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Blog writing:

  • its more important to jam as many keyphrases or keywords into a sentence or paragraph than it is to have a grammatically correct paragraph.
  • Its okay if the sentence doesn’t make complete sense, its more important to give the search engines what they are looking for.
  • always add one of my affiliate links to the second or third line of the first paragraph. (this is so that my link is shown from the main page without the reader needing to click the article.)
  • use 3 – 5 categories per post
  • use 3 – 5 tags per post
  • try to use the tags and category words in the first paragraph of each blog post.
  • make each post 4 or 6 paragraphs.
  • write as if you’re a female… write as if this is your blog.
  • add some of my links to the end of the post “Femdom Friends Links”
  • write blog posts around clip categories as they have become “keywords”. Internet users search these words in google looking for clips. In time these blog posts will start ranking in google and they will find these pages. The idea is to convert internet visitors into affiliate sales.
  • The more niche specific you get the better. For example a post should be wrote on single fetishes not several at once unless they go together. Then be very descriptive when writing blog posts.
  • BOLD keywords and key phrases through out the post. (3x is enough)
  • ~~~

PDF Links Page:

add one of these to the end of each assignment or make your own that looks better than what I’ve done.

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